New Earth Pioneer

A Self-Guided Virtual Retreat

Using the Five Elements and other Ancient Indigenous Teachings to Activate Your Authentic Relationship with this Earth, Your Relationships, and Yourself.

Five Elements

The Taoist Philosophers understood energy and how it plays out in all of life. The Five Elements will give you a deeper understanding of how to live in harmony in all facets of your life. 

Five Phases

Earn access to five phases over time with each phase diving deeper into energy, your health, relationships, our global issues, and how to bring them back into balance. 

Five Bonuses

In addition to the core teachings, you will also receive bonus material to help you integrate, heal, and go deeper along the way. 

Are you ready to pioneer a new way of living on this earth?

You may have found yourself feeling alone, stressed, and unsure of how to navigate our current challenging times. If so, you are in the right place!

As a New Earth Pioneer, you've got a journey to re-imagine your future to create the empowered and purposeful life that you were born to experience.

Meet Sahara, Your Virtual Retreat Guide



"I am enjoying this journey even more than I imagined! And I’m just getting started! All of your classes are so well done, the material is fascinating to me and you are a very gifted teacher, I’ve really enjoyed it."

~ Lori C


As we move forward in community, to build this New Earth, I hold tremendous respect and gratitude for Sahara; for executing her vision and creating a space for collective wisdom and healing to emerge!

~ Stacy F


Experience at Your Pace

A Catered Experience for Your Busy Life

The New Earth Pioneer journey is catered to release weekly material to you over the span of a year the moment you start.

You'll earn access to Five Phases that will awaken your authentic self using ancient wisdom you were already born with.

EVERY WEEK you will receive...

Approximately 90 minutes of lecture material, bonus surprises, integrations, and resources dripped over time.

Ancient Teachings and Indigenous Wisdom, such as the Five Elements, to awaken your own innate wisdom and connection to this world.

A Piece of this Blueprint, that uses science, nature, and the intuition you were born with, so you can navigate the uncertainty of these times with unshakable strength.

Practical Tools and Tips to reimagine your future as a New Earth Pioneer for your modern life, relationships, health, and career.

Empowering Skills to translate the cryptic signals of your body, so you can make self-loving choices towards better balance.

Healing Integrations through meditations, musical integrations, bonus offerings, and resources to cultivate and support your transformation.

Emotional Intelligence so you can consciously communicate using the Five Elements with clarity, purpose, and mindful navigation of conflict.

Empowered Purpose to reimagine a new way of showing up to create better balance and a harmonious future for all!


You've got everything you need within.

 You don't have to reinvent yourself alone, but everything you need to do so is already within you.


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