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Thank you again. Each element of this course offers me opportunities for larger perspectives and enlightenment. It feels so good.

Mindy B

These classes are really amazing, it’s exactly what I was looking for. Even though I couldn’t describe it, you managed to put it all together into a very organized flow, thank you.🙏

Lori C

Your vulnerability and dedication to New Earth Pioneer has shaken open a whole new level, bringing about all of the unresolved things, in all of our lives.

Ginelle H

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Your reimagined future is personal. You’re not in this alone!


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This journey causes a lot of introspection for self-empowered clarity.

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Breakthroughs Are Happening

I felt I made a breakthrough for myself as I’ve been working through conscious communication. Felt like my eyes finally opened with my communication with certain people in my life. Good things!

~ Earl G

I love the classes so far! I get to see you weekly :). I feel I’m getting so much out of them, really.

~ Colleen S

Thank you for this class. Its got me paying attention. 

~ Melanie D

We need to light this on fire and distribute it through a worldwide dance party!

~ Stacy F

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